MAS111 Mathematics Core II

Spring Semester, 2017–2018

Lecturer: Frazer Jarvis (J12)

This page is intended to supplement the main handbook page with a little additional material. Hard copies of notes, handouts etc., will be on the MOLE page.

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Module information for 2017–2018


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Office hour

Lecture notes

Printed lecture notes will also be placed on MOLE, which will also contain scans of the handwritten lecture notes.

Problem Classes and Tutorials

Problems and solutinos will be put on MOLE.

Problem Classes


Past papers

The course was rewritten completely in 2015–2016; prior to this, the course was essentially taught as two separate 10-credit chunks, but with a single exam. The material has been merged into (hopefully) a more unified whole. Older papers are available online; the material is very similar, and so it is likely that many questions from past papers will be suitable practice questions for this year also.

Some older papers and solutions are on MOLE.

Exam paper (Spring 2016–17)

Exam paper and solutions.

Exam paper (Spring 2015–16)

Exam paper and solutions.

Specimen paper (2015–16)

Specimen paper and solutions.


Chapters 3–5: Matrices and algebra

Chapter 6: Partial differentiation

Chapter 7: Conic sections

Miscellaneous links which may be of interest:

Some biographical notes on mathematicians mentioned in lectures: